Welcome to Noble Beast Farms. We are guardians of a happy, sometimes chaotic, always creative flock of  alpacas  and other heritage animals located in Prince Edward County, Ontario.  We see ourselves as modern shepherds and artisans with a focus on good husbandry of our animals, environmental recovery of our land and care for our beautiful heritage property and barn.  We breed and sell registered alpacas and are very happy to discuss alpaca farming (often to anyone who will listen!).  Alpacas are the most enjoyable adventure we have ever had.   If you need stress reduction, an alpaca (actually, three) should be in your yard.

**Please note we are not currently open to the public.**  We meet with clients by appointment during which we can give you the attention and time you need to answer all of your questions.   We want you to ask all of the things that would make you comfortable owning and caring for some of these wonderful animals.  We are planning for an on-site store as of Spring 2019 in order to respond to the ever-growing interest and encouragement we have received!

Our goal is to create luxurious, sustainable “field to frock” alpaca products for self and home.  We believe that as a society, we need better things in our home to enjoy, not necessarily “more.”  Hypoallergenic, exquisitely soft and locally produced – our yarns, felts and soon to be available homegoods  are part of our own creative exploration.